To function properly the flues need to be clear of all blockages and flue linings need to be in good condition. Obstructions such as animal nests, debris, broken tile, and soot may cause several problems. Some problems that may occur are:

  1. Smoke escaping back into house.
  2. Flue fires which can damage flue linings, chimney walls, and surrounding combustibles.


  • Chimney Sweep: $169 plus tax.
  • Inspection: $99 plus tax, will apply towards the price of cleaning if cleaned on the same visit.
  • Additionals: $99 each. (If performed in the same home and done in the same visit)


We clean and safety inspect all five parts of the fireplace. This includes:

  1. The firebox.
  2. The smoke shelf.
  3. The smoke chamber.
  4. The damper.
  5. The flue all the way to the top.

The fireplace is swept from the inside so the crew is able to focus on the heaviest of the creosote buildup in the first 10-15 feet of the flue. They use a commercial vacuum with a HEPA filter so we do guarantee no mess. They sweep until the flue is clean and the brush moves freely up and down the flue length. They also safety inspect all parts of the fireplace and make sure it is fire-safe and ready to burn. If repairs are needed they can recommend a course of action.

Capping of the flue is recommended to protect them from damage from the elements and also serves to prevent down drafts as well as eliminating the problem of animals building their nests inside your chimney.


Standard size masonry caps range from $200-$300 plus tax. Includes installation prefabricated caps range from $300-$350 installed.

We provide Air Duct Cleaning, Dryer Duct Cleaning, and Chimney Sweep services in the following locations:


  • The Woodlands, Texas
  • Spring, Texas
  • Humble, Texas
  • Mont Belvieu, Texas
  • Baytown, Texas
  • Pasadena, Texas
  • Bear Branch, Texas
  • Legends Bay, Texas
  • Northcrest, Texas
  • Valley Ranch, Texas
  • Porter, Texas
  • New Caney, Texas
  • Woodbranch, Texas
  • Patton Village, Texas
  • Atascocita, Texas
  • Crosby, Texas
  • Huffman, Texas
  • Dayton, Texas
  • Liberty, Texas
  • Kingwood, Texas
  • Oakhurst, TX


  • Northcrest
  • Valley Ranch
  • Winfree Bayou Estates,
  • Fosters Mill
  • Green Tee
  • Kings Forest
  • Fairway Crossing
  • The Commons
  • Summerwood
  • Lake Shore
  • Waters Edge
  • Kingwood Glen
  • Oaks of Atascocita
  • Kings River Village
  • Kings Lake Estates
  • Pinehurst of Atascocita
  • Eagle Springs
  • Atasco Woods
  • Walden
  • Timber Forest
  • Atascocita Meadows
  • Atascocita Forest
  • Newport News
  • Saddleridge
  • Spanish Cove
  • Indian Shores