Untitled 1 Air Duct Cleaning  


We charge $159-199 plus tax.

Cleaning out your dryer duct approximately every 3-5 years is standard.  Dryer ducts become blocked up with lint, hair, & even dryer sheets.  When this happens they become a dangerous fire hazard.  It is important to maintain dryer efficiency.  If you are noticing that your dryer is taking longer than a normal cycle to dry your clothes then most likely the duct is becoming blocked.

The dryer duct is cleaned using a soft, flexible, rotary driven brush specifically for dryer ducts.  We also have at our disposal vacuums with HEPA filters.  We utilize negative and positive pressure to assist in cleaning as necessary.  We insure that the dryer has good air flow after cleaning.  We are fully insured and guarantee all of our work.

Removal of inline duct fans for cleaning is $50 plus tax additional.


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